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About Me

From the Prime Minister to the Police Commissioner to the US Secretary of State, to influential people in politics, film and media and the corporate world.

I am a location based corporate, reportage and event photographer, accomplished at working calmly in highly charged, stressful environments. Giving life to high profile and corporate portraits, whilst retaining professionalism. Having a mature experience of both the business environment and the needs of individual clients, I can put visuals into complex requirements. Understanding markets and commerce I can contribute to holistic brand consistency.

My work spans everything from international conferences, PR events to magazine editorials for governmental departments, big multinationals, NGO's, public bodies and local independent businesses, with specialities that include studio, location, portrait and corporate event photography.

Specific corporate photography clients include Shelter, Sainsburys, The Grocer magazine, VW, The Theatre Chipping Norton, Scottish Homes, The Houses of Parliament, Edinburgh District Council. General commercial photography clients are SME’s, hotels, restaurants, local & national charities, schools, festivals; literature, music, drama. Professional business, commercial and corporate event photography, I specialise in professional headshots, corporate event photography, social media profiles, conference and PR event photography. 

Art History.
Postgrad research at the Warburg Institute in Venetian, Arabic, Islamic and Christian culture.

My area of research is the medieval flow of ideas, trade, maritime history, religion, and imagery between Europe and Asia; Venice, Byzantium and the Eastern Mediterranean. I have worked on the mosaic narrative in the Baptistry of San Marco, Venice, on the iconography of the Dance of Death, Estonia, female profile portraits of the Florentine republic. Currently, I am working on Arabic and European portolan charts - or sea charts - of the Mediterranean.


Art historical research; specialist in early modern fourteenth to sixteenth centuries. Venetian, Arabic, Islamic and Christian culture.

My Passions

Where to start.....
Photographing people. I may only have a fraction of a second with hugely busy people but it is great fun. I always do my research and have plenty of chat. It is truly difficult not to ask questions except for right at the start when we are walking to the location I have selected. After that I have to do the talking, or the photographs depict them mid-speach.

Following visual trails - wherever that is; Barcelona, Istanbul, Venice for the museums, archives and libraries but also lesser known villages or buildings. There is a great community of scholars, always willing to share information and ideas.

Sailing the Hebrides. I have been a sailing instructor since Art college - which was in Bournemouth. Now, whenever we can, we live aboard our 32 foot sailing boat, which is based in Scoltand. With the two dogs. The aim is to be self sufficient - using solar power and reducing our footprint where possible. We forage, fish and eat remarcably well and enjoy the peace and the craic of mariners and shore people.

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My New Book

Superfood Snacks
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